Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary 2021

About The Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary: 

Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary is a multi-year program that advances showing training in state funded schools. Grants are accessible to empower understudies to get full public training capability. Beneficiaries must educate in a state funded school for the same number of years as they get a bursary. Qualified beneficiaries of the course can go after proper state funded school jobs in their favored local instruction division (PED). The significant PED will decide whether there is an important section. If not, the candidate will be extended to an employment opportunity at a PED with significant opening. 

Affirmation necessities: 

The course is just offered to South African residents. Applications won’t be viewed as except if the candidate has a substantial South African recognizable proof book. Candidates should as of now be admitted to an advanced education foundation or pertinent educational program at a perceived advanced education establishment. Candidates should likewise meet certain models for admission to the organization; և they should likewise give Cr the National Criteria to the Funza Lushaka Teaching Selection. 

Determination rules incorporate the accompanying: 

Candidate’s scholarly capacity. 

Endorsed degree or PGCE capability in two need territories. 

Duty to a showing vocation, which incorporates: enthusiasm for working with youngsters; excitement in proficient profession preparing; Willingness to confront troublesome difficulties և to confront individual honesty և to survive. 

School A commitment to educate at a school for which an understudy can get a PED. 

Regardless of whether it is equivalent, the decision must be made between competitors in country territories, applicants who need to educate in provincial regions, and up-and-comers whose money related circumstance would somehow empower them to fit the bill for educational cost. The honor is possibly granted if two significant subjects are remembered for your capability as an educating subject. 

If it’s not too much trouble note that the individuals who as of now have other training capabilities are not qualified for this program. 

What does the Funza Lushaka Bursary cover?Funza Lushaka bursary spread all the fundamental costs of the beneficiary. The costs incorporate educational cost, full convenience, including food, books, study materials and a little month to month living stipend. The honor of an individual understudy is restricted by a specific worth. In the event that the college is higher than the set worth, the grants must be filled from own assets. Colleges have distinctive cost structures, so the absolute expense of the bursary changes from organization to foundation.

Conditions for reapeting a year are as per the following: 

The bursary period can be reached out to incorporate an extra year needed to finish a recognition program, or one extra course to finish the PGCE program. Just a single such augmentation will be given. Subsidizing for one year of extra preparing (ie fifth year) isn’t programmed yet will be talked about dependent upon the situation. In situations where backing is accommodated an extra year, the understudy administration commitment is stretched out by one year. Extra additional time needed to the detriment of the beneficiary. The course is continued quickly for one scholastic year. In the event that effective, the grant might be reestablished yearly until the beneficiary qualifies as an educator. 

Instructions to apply: 

You should apply for a showing capability (B Ed or PGCE) or a four year certification (for instance BSc, B Tech, BA) to take in any event one significant subject in a need field at your college. Upon admission to the college, you should apply for a bursary by means of this site. 

The course is granted for each scholastic year in turn; as evidence of scholarly achievement, the authority might be restored yearly until the beneficiary qualifies as an instructor. The course holder is relied upon to apply again toward the finish of October one year from now. Beneficiaries must train one year for every year for which they get the course. 

First time application understudies Click here

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Shutting dates.

First time application understudies: 11 January 2021

Re-application understudies: 23 November 2020

How to apply

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