SALARY : R136 800 per annum (Level 04)
CENTRE : Transport and Public Works, Western Cape Government
REQUIREMENTS : Grade 10; A minimum of 3 years’ appropriate experience; A valid code C1/EC1 driving licence with Professional Drivers Permit (PDP). Recommendations: None. Competencies: Knowledge of the following: Building, maintenance and reparations of roads; Bitumen products; Concrete work; Applicable legal aspects; Safety standards/road safety; Large construction machines; Computer literacy; Communication (written and verbal) skills in at least two of the three official languages of the Western Cape.

DUTIES : Repair and maintain roads, ground shoulders and waterways; Operate and maintain plant/equipment to be used for road maintenance; Ensure the safety of a working environment; Supervise road workers and enforce discipline; Handle emergency situations; Evaluate personnel according to standard procedures; Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of machines; Cleaning, lubricating and re-fuelling machines and performing minor repairs and adjustments when necessary; Understanding plant operations in the construction environment.

ENQUIRIES : Mr S Jacobs at (021) 863 2020

APPLICATIONS : If you want to hand deliver the application, please use the following address: 4 Dorp street, walk-in centre, ground floor, Cape Town, 8001 or you may post it to the following postal address: Attention: Department of the Premier: Recruitment and Selection, P.O 255 Box 659, Cape Town, 8000. Applications not submitted on or before the closing date as well as faxed or e-mailed applications will not be considered.

NOTE : Applicants from relevant local communities will receive preference. To apply, you must submit a manual application. Please complete an application form (Z 83) and current CV (5 pages maximum). The position being applied

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