Free ShopRite Gift Card

ke shopping at ShopRite? Get a FREE gift card from ShopRite and other big name chains after you join Registration is currently open for a limited time. Sign up here for your free ShopRite gift card.

How It Works

Gift cards are great. As a consumer, you know that. Gift cards are just as good as cash. Plus, gift cards make the perfect gift, saving both parties the risk of giving or receiving an undesired gift.

Did you know gift cards are even more attractive to retailers? In fact, retailers like gift cards so much, it is the foundation of how this site came about — and how it’s possible for you to earn FREE gift cards.

For the retailer, gift cards represent a financial instrument to boost sales. They can sell you a $100 gift card without actually giving you $100 worth of merchandise. But, it’s only a matter of time before you spend the $100 at the store right? The answer is “No.” In fact, the majority of gift cards are not fully redeemed. Almost 10% of gift cards are NEVER redeemed at all. As of the beginning of 2011, it is estimated that Americans are sitting on top of over $30 billion unredeemed gift cards. This MASSIVE amount of unredeemed gift cards is what makes our site possible.

Moreover, ShopRite and other stores love gift cards, because customers are giving them money NOW for products you may potentially redeem LATER. The financial concept of Net Present Value dictates that even if the full gift card is eventually spent, retailers are profiting from this exchange.

For these and other reasons, more and more retailers are now offering gift cards. Retailers would much rather sell a gift card at an extreme discount than engage in a “Groupon”-like offer and sell you a product at an extreme discount.

At GiftCardsGo, you can complete simple offers (e.g. filling out a short survey) to claim free gift cards offered by a wide array of retail outlets, from fashion to home goods to restaurants. There are some cards worth in excess of $1000. To begin claiming your free ShopRite gift card and other free gift cards, you must first register with our site.

GiftCardsGo is a private community, meaning our offers are not available for non-members to view and claim. Registration has been opened for a limited time. We will close registration once all open spots are filled. Don’t miss this great opportunity to cash in and save big money on gifts. You can join here.

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